It’s been a long time since the idea of starting a leather accessories brand for women started to brew in my head, we finally took the plunge. We have always wanted to give a meaning to this project, to go beyond the idea of selling bags, to transmit values, now more than ever. When we decided to call our first collection “Victoria” we never imagined that this woman’s name, which represents the Winged Victory of Samothrace, would mean so much.

We believed that the human being would no longer be able to repeat some catastrophic, devastating mistakes, now that we thought we had learnt that certain atrocities were part of the past, a past that would never return…

Our little project was developed during the Covid 19 pandemic and now we are finally launching the brand with great excitement, an excitement overshadowed by the sadness of seeing how the human being capable of the greatest feats, the most incredible creations, is also capable of inflicting the most atrocious suffering and devastation, one is left paralyzed, stunned, bewildered, but what kind of creature is the human being?

It is so disconcerting that it escapes our understanding, there is no explanation, we can only make reality our own, not hide, not look the other way, but rather put ourselves in the attitude of Victory, let each one of us fight our own battles with all the courage and dignity of which we are capable and fight against those who want to take away our life, our values, our foundations.

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