Materials and care

Materials and care

Our products have been made by expert craftsmen who mix their craftsmanship with industrialization to achieve a product suitable for our exclusive production series. The leather we use is soft cowhide that has been drummed to achieve its natural grain. Its aniline finish gives it a silky touch. Any small damage marked veins or uneven grain is typical of its nature and authenticity.

The metal parts are uniquely crafted from hand polished brass and plated in white bronze with gold micron plating.

Tips for a correct maintenance

Directly from our craftsmen

1. Always wrap it in our cotton cover when you are going to store it.

2. It is advisable to store the bag stuffed with soft paper so that it does not become deformed. Use onion paper, not magazine or newspaper paper, as the ink could be transferred to the inside of the bag.

3. Never leave it exposed to sunlight, as you risk the color fading. Store it protected from light and humidity in a dry place.

4. Do not stack them on top of each other. Arrange them in such a way that they keep their original shape, without folding them.

5. For daily cleaning of your bag, do not use any products. Use a dry white cotton cloth and wipe the surface carefully.

6. If it rains – or any liquid falls on it – just wipe it dry with a white cotton cloth. Don’t even think of using a hairdryer!

7. Speaking of spilled liquids, be especially careful with alcohol, whether it’s perfume or a drink, because if a drop falls on your bag, it will stain it. It is advisable that if you keep liquids inside your bag, avoid spilling them, both the humidity and the liquid can alter their nature.

8. In case it loses its softness, and you want to apply a product to recover it, use a specific product for the task that does not contain silicones or petroleum or derivatives.

9. It is advisable to moisturize it once or twice a year so that the leather does not get damaged. Use a product recommended by a specialist.

10. Do you carry your cosmetics in your handbag? Put them in a cosmetic bag, as this will prevent them from being opened by accident and damaging the inside.

11. Be careful with the weight, i.e. the things you put in your bag. If it is too heavy and you carry it in your hand, it can damage the handles.

12. Never touch it with dirty hands or with excess product on them. Make sure your hands are always clean to avoid staining the bag.

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